NSI meeting on Thurs 18th Feb – 7.30pm via Zoom

We have our next meeting on Thursday, and its a really important one. Its that time of the year when we elect people to run the Initiative; and set priorities for 2021. We are also having an “open” session where people can join in and talk about what they like on the Slopes, whether it is about issues or ideas for the future. So if you think you can help run the Initiative or want to ask us to consider something – email us on enquiries@northern-slopes-initiative.co.uk

NSI replies on Kingswear Road Housing Proposals

The NSI have replied to the City Council consultation asking the Council to build up the trust of the local community about construction, delivery and maintenance issues relating to the Green Spaces around the development. They raise three points based on their experiences – Do not promise things that you cannot afford, deliver or maintain; Make it clear to the community what the effects of construction will be on their surroundings; and Make it clear to the community what is involved in maintenance. For further details email us on enquiries@northern-slopes-initiative.co.uk

Consultation on housing on the Slopes – Kingswear – replies by 1st Feb

The City Council are consulting from today on the proposal to put housing on part of the Slopes above Kingswear Road. The consultation document and details of how to respond etc can be found on https://www.bristol.gov.uk/housing/filwood-housing-developments. The NSI will be discussing how to respond to this at their meeting on Thurs 21st at 7.30pm via Zoom. If you want to join in the discussion email us on enquiries@northern-slopes-initative.co.uk

Northern Slopes – still open for exercise etc

With the start of Lockdown 3 on 6th January the Northern Slopes are still open for exercise. If you are able to be out and about, may be with the frost, fog and potentially even snow, it may be a good time to take photographs while you go around, or listen in the quietness for wildlife sounds, or look out for wildlife footprints…. There are surfaced paths on the Slopes, as well as muddier paths that you can explore – go to our Home page to see where they are. The latest Government guidance is here National lockdown: Stay at Home – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

10 Little Elves is the Christmas Storytrail on the Slopes

The NSI Christmas Storytrail – is now open. Its Ten Little Elves – “The Ten Little Elves are on a mission to rescue Christmas … But what will the Ten Little Elves do when they meet a growling polar bear? And a yowling yeti? And a SCARY Ice Queen?

Part traditional counting rhyme, part fun-filled story, Ten Little Elves is perfect for sharing together.”

And you get a chance to go for a walk on the Slopes at the same time. It starts from the entrance of the Glyn Vale site – next to the Zebra Crossing on Wedmore Vale. There are 15 posters with the story on. It can be read from the hard surfaced path to Cavan Walk so it is suitable for push chairs.

It will hopefully be in place until 1st January – or if it gets battered by the weather or damaged – it may come down before then.