New grass cutting regime for Kingswear Open Space

We are hoping that after conversations with the Council’s Parks department, the grass cutting of the open space may improve next year. The idea is that more of the area is cut by the Council; and other parts where machines cannot get to being cut by volunteers. A couple of weekends a go, people set fire to hay bales intended for horses. Now that hay cannot be used. Please do not set fire to hay.

NSI meeting on Thurs 17th Sept – 7.30pm. All welcome.

All are welcome to a meeting of the NSI on Thursday 17th Sept. Starts at 7.30. We have a room booked at the Park – but depending on numbers may have to use Zoom. If you want to join us – please email us on

We will be making decisions about:

How we respond to the Climate and Ecological Emergencies

Problems we have had with grass cutting this year on the Slopes

Working with others

Updating leaflets

New members of our Committee

Foundation launches fund for green space groups

The Bristol and Bath Foundation has launched a fund to support local volunteer Groups in Bristol and Bath. It is called #LoveYourPark. You can donate here –!/DonationDetails. Don’t forget that you can support the NSI volunteers and the Slopes directly by donating £5 a year to become a friend of the Slopes. Details here

Taking care of the Slopes

On Kingswear the Northern Slopes Greengym group have joined forces with Goodgym (runners that combine getting fit with doing good) to clear the benches of litter and keep the grass down so more people can enjoy picnics there.

Elsewhere, as a result of information from NSI, tents and detritus left on the Bommie have been removed. NSI are also monitoring grassland areas on Kingswear which are beginning to scrub over. There has been debate on the NSI Facebook about a residents addition of trees and rock border beyond garden boundaries onto the Northern Slopes. Perspectives on this ‘addition’ have varied from seeing it as cared for to an encroachment on the nature reserve. This work had already been reported to the council who have yet to comment.


The Slopes are a great place to forage for food right now, such as brambles laden with juicy blackberries. Damson plums require a little more searching for, with trees tucked away on the Bommie, but the fruit will be ripening and start to be ready at the end of August.

Across all the sites are Elder trees laden with elderberries, these always need cooking but can be enjoyed in a number of ways such as in crumbles, jams or cordial. Sloes are also appearing on Hawthorn. And of course there are always plenty of nettles to make nettle soup!

As always, avoid picking low hanging fruit when dogs may have toileted and make sure you know what you’re picking.

For further information see

Wildlife on the Slopes

A keen eyed resident has identified a Great Spotted Woodpecker on the Bommie. Sweet peas are growing in abundance on the Bommie and the good news is the more you pick the more they flower.

Sainfoin has appeared on Kingswear, with lovely pink spikes of flowers. Great for pollinators, bees feeding on Sainfoin apparently produce the highest yields of honey.