10 Little Elves is the Christmas Storytrail on the Slopes

The NSI Christmas Storytrail – is now open. Its Ten Little Elves – “The Ten Little Elves are on a mission to rescue Christmas … But what will the Ten Little Elves do when they meet a growling polar bear? And a yowling yeti? And a SCARY Ice Queen?

Part traditional counting rhyme, part fun-filled story,¬†Ten Little Elves¬†is perfect for sharing together.”

And you get a chance to go for a walk on the Slopes at the same time. It starts from the entrance of the Glyn Vale site – next to the Zebra Crossing on Wedmore Vale. There are 15 posters with the story on. It can be read from the hard surfaced path to Cavan Walk so it is suitable for push chairs.

It will hopefully be in place until 1st January – or if it gets battered by the weather or damaged – it may come down before then.