Free – My Wild Child Kits from Avon Wildlife Trust

As My Wild Child hasn’t been able to meet for a number of months on the Bommie – Avon Wildlife Trust are launching a free self-guided My Wild Child kits for families with under-fives to explore nature. Each kit contains a range of different activities, and each new activity will link to a new video which we will post once a fortnight. Freya the Learning Development Officer explains a little about the kits and the first activity you can do with your little ones; and you can also see all of our My Wild Child videos here: Kits can be collected from our partners at Knowle Children’s Centre. Join our Facebook group for families Avon Wildlife Trust: My Wild Child to find out more details about picking the kits up, regular video updates and to connect with other families with toddlers.

Free Events – Friday 30th October – Northern Slopes Initiative

Along with Avon Wildlife Trust the Northern Slopes Initiative are putting on three events on the Glyn Vale site of the Northern Slopes. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear as it can be muddy at times. Please bring your own water and snacks.

Learn a new skill – while helping the Slopes – a taster session to learn how to scythe and use hand tools. Meet 1pm at the Amphitheatre by Cavan Walk/Kenmare Road. Spaces are limited to 12 people. For Adults and young people over the age of 16 with their parents/guardians. Not suitable for pushchairs etc.

A Tree Walk will also be taking place around the Slopes to look at and learn about trees. The walk leaves from Cavan Walk entrance at 11am and again at 1pm. Spaces are limited to 5 people per event. The walk takes about an hour and a half. For Adults and young people over the age of 16 with their parents/guardians. Not suitable for pushchairs etc.

A pushchair friendly Storytrail for all ages. Between 10am and 2pm. Starts from the entrance on Glyn Vale site, next to the Zebra Crossing at Glyn Vale/Wedmore Vale junction. The book is “While we can’t hug” by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar. “Hedgehog and tortoise are the best of friends. But they’re not allowed to hug. Luckily there are lots of other ways to show someone you love them…..” Enjoy the story as you walk along the path. Take some photos and send them to those you love. And if you can share them with us too, on the Northern Slopes Facebook page and Instragram account.

For more information Contact us, or email on

Free Events – Fri 30th October – Avon Wildlife Trust

Avon Wildlife Trust and the NSI are putting on free events on Friday 30th October. Avon Wildlife Trust are running two events to explore the magic of the Slopes.

How to be an Explorer – runs from 11am to 1pm. Its Family Fun with unusual activities and imaginative play. 15 spaces, socially distance in line with Government guidelines. Book at

Foraging Friday – runs from 10am to 1pm. Join an expert forager and learn about all sorts of delicious wild edibles and the medicinal uses of plants. 15 spaces, socially distance in line with Government guidelines. Book at

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear for both events as it may be muddy and bring your own water and snacks. Not suitable for pushchairs. For more info contact

NSI meeting – Thursday 15th Oct – 7.30pm to 9pm – via Zoom

Our next meeting is Thursday 15th October at 7.30pm – via Zoom. We will be talking about:

The events due to happen on Friday 30th October on the Slopes

The review of our leaflets – to bring them up to date and more accessible to people

Improvements to paths on the Bommie – if you haven’t see what is being suggested – see our Facebook Page and the news item below and let us know what you think.

Welcoming two new people to our committee.

Update on working with other groups etc.

If you would like to join us – email for details of the meeting on or fill in the form on our Contact page.

Improving paths on the Bommie – let us know which ones are the priority

The NSI have been trying to get some money in to help pay for improvements to paths on the Bommie (the one with the stream). There is a lot to do – so we are asking which of the 5 possible improvements people are a priority for them and what they think. Let us know on or use the Contact form on the website. Also on the Northern Slopes Facebook Page

1 – Muriel’s steps – From Wedmore Vale to St Barnabas Church – steep and slippery when wet. Existing steps breaking up.

2 – Path and Slope – Stockwood Green (the big hill next to Stockwood Crescent) to St Barnabas church. Muddy especially when wet and slippery. Includes putting a bridge across the stream.

3 – Path from 105 Wedmore Vale (by the culvert with the grill on) to Stockwood Green. Gravel and geotextile base breaking up, steps need improvement. Can be slippery.

4 – Tunnel from Beckington Road to Stockwood Green. Partly surfaced – but surface needs to be extended as in the wet muddy and slippery either side.

5 – Tarmac steps down from Beckington Road. Steep and not easy to walk down – and hard to walk up!

City Council’s Quality of Life Survey….ends 19/10/20

Every year the Council issues a Quality of Life survey which samples what’s good and bad in Bristol and how does living here make you feel? Could things be done differently in your area? All sorts of people take part but people from Filwood and Knowle and young people aged 16-24 tend not to take part. Complete the 2020 survey here  or if you need a paper copy email or call 0117 922 2704. 

It includes questions on issues important to you in your area: transport, parks, sports and leisure, safety, money, work and health – and more. All views and personal information are kept completely confidential by the Council. For us of course Parks/Green Spaces are really important!

Working with others to improve the Slopes and put on events.

After a long time where the NSI and others could not do things as groups on the Slopes, we are working together to try and get things done, such as getting areas ready so we can plant more fruit trees, updating our popular leaflets so that people can use them to enjoy the Slopes…….and if all goes well, hold a number of events for people to come to. Thanks to Bristol City Council, Avon Wildlife Trust, Groundwork South, South Bristol Children’s Centre and Knowle West Media Centre for their help. More info to come.