Improving paths on the Bommie – let us know which ones are the priority

The NSI have been trying to get some money in to help pay for improvements to paths on the Bommie (the one with the stream). There is a lot to do – so we are asking which of the 5 possible improvements people are a priority for them and what they think. Let us know on or use the Contact form on the website. Also on the Northern Slopes Facebook Page

1 – Muriel’s steps – From Wedmore Vale to St Barnabas Church – steep and slippery when wet. Existing steps breaking up.

2 – Path and Slope – Stockwood Green (the big hill next to Stockwood Crescent) to St Barnabas church. Muddy especially when wet and slippery. Includes putting a bridge across the stream.

3 – Path from 105 Wedmore Vale (by the culvert with the grill on) to Stockwood Green. Gravel and geotextile base breaking up, steps need improvement. Can be slippery.

4 – Tunnel from Beckington Road to Stockwood Green. Partly surfaced – but surface needs to be extended as in the wet muddy and slippery either side.

5 – Tarmac steps down from Beckington Road. Steep and not easy to walk down – and hard to walk up!