Looking out for wildlife while on the Slopes – part 1

In April the NSI published a newsletter with a list of surveys from the Wildlife Trust and others you can do while on the Slopes – or in your home or garden. These are a few of the ideas:

The Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (PoMS) is a new national surveys. Anyone can take part if they have access to a small patch of flowering plants! Counts involve sitting and identifying the insect types that visit a small patch of flowers within a 10-minute period. You only need a basic level of insect ID. To input your data online, you will need to register on the iRecord website.

This is a national survey taking place in July and August in the UK. It involves spending 15 minutes in your green space or garden recording all observable butterflies.

This is a national survey of the mammals you may see in your garden.

This is a national survey of the wildflowers in gardens – especially lawns