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Northern Slopes Initiative
CopyrightHow you can support the Slopes and the Northern Slopes Initiative

We welcome offers to help, as we are a group of volunteers with limited resources.

Below are some of the areas where people as volunteers have helped us, and where we currently need help.

Please note we cannot pay people for their work as volunteers.
If you are an individual or family

- Visit the Slopes

- Let us know what you think of the Slopes and what we do
We welcome feedback - and ideas for improvements. Email us on

- Use our Facebook page
Use our page to tell people about the Slopes and join in our conversations

- Subscribe to our Newsletter
This comes our approximately every two months, is free and is a mine of information on what is going on with the Slopes. Sent either by email - or post.

- Support our activities
See our events page where we show where others and ourselves have activities on or connected with the Slopes.

- Help with organising and doing things
To put on events - or communicate with people, does take a lot of doing. If you can spare some time and have skills in areas where we need help please let us know.

The sort of skills we are looking for are:
Raising Funds
Putting up Posters
but even helping with sorting out what we can do when things happen is really useful.

- Become a Friend of the Slopes
Since 2016 we have run a very simple scheme where anyone can pay £5 per year which helps our funds.

If you are able to do this - please download and fill in the form below and return it to the address on the form. We do not use the funds for on site maintenance or campaigning - the funds are use to improve the Slopes.

With thanks to the following people who are already Friends - Bob the Chair, David S, Devon Wilson, LWHedgehog, Doug, Mo.

Friend of the Slopes form (20k)
If you are a company or other organisation

We have had significant help from companies and organisations in the past such as Environment Agency, Imperial Tobacco, Community Payback, Blue Sky, Avon Wildlife Trust, The Conservation Volunteers, Community Service Volunteers and others doing one off activities to help make them more accessible and attractive.

If you want to help in this way - it is best to contact Bristol City Council parks Department direct; and copy us in if you can. Use the email on

We sometimes need specialist help - such as fundraising, publicity, design - if you have people willing to volunteer such skills, please email us on
If you are an educational organisation

The Slopes are used by a number of primary schools and also youth groups for a range of activities - including Forest Schools, Survival Skills and Bushcraft.

Talk to the City Council first about what opportunities are available by email on

If you are a trainer in outdoor skills and would like to use the Slopes, please talk to the City Council.
Honorary Sloper

Finally, we award a very few select people the highest award we can grant - that of being an Honorary Sloper.

There is no rewards or benefits to the award at all. We think it is important to acknowledge the hard work that some of people put into the Slopes.

So far there have been three, and they have been people who have moved away from the Slopes - or have had to stop doing what they were do for us for a number of reasons.

Sally Oldfield - Nature Conservation Officer and Wild City originator with Bristol City Council. Providing advice, inspiration all in an approachable way.

Revd Alister Palmer - retired Vicar at St Barnabas Church, Daventry Road, who tirelessly stood up for the Slopes and the local area, and acted as the gatekeeper at the St Barnabas entrance when things went wrong.

Bob the Web - who for 12 years started up and maintained the NSI website; and trained the NSI in the skills of internet webpages.