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Northern Slopes - Glyn Vale Cycle Route - Filwood Greenway

This page tells you about the Northern Slopes Initiative work on the Northern Slopes part of the Filwood Quietway - which is a new route for cyclists and other users, across the Glyn Vale part of the Slopes.

The route runs parallel to Wedmore Vale; from Kenmare Road in the South to the junction of Glyn Vale and Wedmore Vale in the North.

Construction started on the 12th February 2018 and the route is open to cyclists and walkers from 9th March 2019.

There are still minor works - and the seeding and planting of the bare soil areas.
Copyright NSI original path The cycleway path

The cycleway path will be 3m wide (currently the path is 2m wide see picture) in a up to 15m wide construction corridor on a more bendy route than the current path. The entrances to the path are going to be changing to include K Barriers (see picture below) as well as the existing barriers; the path is proposed to be lit (except overnight when lighting will be turned off and/or dimmed) and the idea is to encourage more cyclists and other people to use the path.

To find out more go to the Bristol City Council Planning Applications webpage; and search on GLYN VALE or use the Reference 17/03959/FB
On there you can see the documents and photos etc. The Design and Access statement is the best to start with - a copy can be obtained below.

Design and Access statement Planning Application (2557k)
Copyright The NSI position at Planning Application.

We challenged the need for the cycleway to go through the Slopes, on the basis that there was going to be no route identified to the South of the Slopes across Knowle West; and whether it was an appropriate use of a Local Nature Reserve.

On the detail of the proposals, we said if the proposal were to go ahead, that our views were:

YES to 3m width maximum path
To go any wider than this means even more loss of land and change to the character of the area.

NO to tarmac
The surface of the path should be similar to as it is now, with a colour that blends into the surroundings; and provides a good gripping surface.

NO to lighting
While some parts of the site are already lit - more lighting will disturb wildlife and also change the character of the area from a "countryside" feel to something more urban.

with gates that are more open that the current ones (see picture, curtesy of K Barriers), we believe that fly tipping and illegal motorbike use will increase due to the changes in barriers at entrances. Installing CCTV in specific areas will help discourage this, and improve personal security.

We also asked for a range of small scale things that could be done to enhance the site.