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Northern Slopes - Glyn Vale Cycle Route

This page tells you about the Northern Slopes Initiative work on the Northern Slopes part of the Filwood Quietway - which is a new route for cyclists and other users, across the Glyn Vale part of the Slopes.

The Glyn Vale site is a Local Nature Reserve and is managed for people and wildlife

The NSI do not agree with the route of this path - and have suggested alternatives which cause less disturbance to the Slopes. These have been rejected by the Council.
Copyright NSI original path The Proposal

The proposal is for a 3m wide path (currently the path is 2m wide see picture) in a up to 15m wide construction corridor on a more bendy route than the current path. The entrances to the path are going to be changing to K Barriers (see picture below); the path is proposed to be lit and the idea is to encourage more cyclists and other people to use the path.

For further details of the Council’s views - visit or
Copyright We are asking people to

We asked people to reply to the Council with what they thought during the consultation period; and if they agreed with us to put forward the following points:

YES to 3m width maximum path
To go any wider than this means even more loss of land and change to the character of the area.

NO to tarmac
The surface of the path should be similar to as it is now, with a colour that blends into the surroundings; and provides a good gripping surface.

NO to lighting
While some parts of the site are already lit - more lighting will disturb wildlife and also change the character of the area from a "countryside" feel to something more urban.

with gates that are more open that the current ones (see picture, curtesy of K Barriers), we believe that fly tipping and illegal motorbike use will increase due to the changes in barriers at entrances. Installing CCTV in specific areas will help discourage this, and improve personal security.
Copyright What the Northern Slopes Initiative have been doing

It has been challenging for us to get to this point - this is an area where we have invested huge amounts of energy and passion; debates in the NSI have been lively.

We know from hard experience that what is promised during consultations and planning applications are not necessarily delivered on the ground.

We also realised that the Victoria Park planning application earlier this year caused significant amounts of conflict between different park users and between interested groups.

To seek to build trust we initiated the idea of a steering group which involves cycling, equality, parks and walking groups to get involved in the proposals. That group has met four times.

We have asked for various things, in addition to the four things above, to maintain the value of the Slopes to people and wildlife; and to help make the route a destination in its own right:
-- Gated, rather than open access - to try and ensure that illegal fly tipping and motorbike use does not increase
- Construction footprint is the same as the final footprint - so to stop even more disturbance from the works
- A contribution to the maintenance of the Slopes
- Picnic area at entrance at Wedmore Vale/Glyn Vale - to help make the route a destination.
- Interpretation material at entrances - will need to be robust
- Construction sites to be sensitively located away from the sensitive areas. Construction will take about 20 weeks.
- Planting in bends created to be graded - with thorn less shrubs at the back - down to wildflowers and then path. Native species to be used.
- Sensitive coloured materials on the path - see above
- Remove lengths of existing paths (other than where they link into other existing paths) and dig up the existing path without removing the material, topsoil over and replant with trees and bushes to help restore the character of the area.
- Improve the grass path between the surface path just below Cavan Walk, to Glyn Vale, so that people can use it more.

Not all of this has been agreed with the Council - and some remains outstanding as to what the Council will actually do.
Copyright Bristol City Council - existing path Spot the difference

You may have noticed that there is a difference between the photograph of the existing path used by the Council here, and the NSI photo (see above).

Which one is right?

Both are right - the difference is about Council maintenance - rather than the Path itself - or the Slopes.
How to respond to what is happening

The consultation is now closed.

If you want a copy of our response - please contact us on

We are expecting the Planning Application during July 2017. Further details will be posted here when the application is available for comment.