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Northern Slopes Initiative
Imagine for one moment....the Northern Slopes in 2030

We published a draft plan for people's comments between February and March 2019 to make the Slopes even better than they are now for people and wildlife.
The report below shows the responses to the consultation received - how they were treated, and how the Plan was altered because of people's comments.

report on consultation responses july 2019 (891k)
The Final Plan is available as a downloadable document here.

The NSI Plan for the future of the Slopes to 2030 (874k)
But it is not just about what is in the Plan itself, it is also about people getting involved in helping deliver what people want, whether they live nearby, have never visited the Slopes, been there once, or go there regularly.

If you want to help us in anyway - please contact us on

Please note that a reference in the Plan to "everyone" and "everybody", includes those that would be considered as having protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.