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The Novers is the most westerly part of the Slopes - and leads to and from other green areas along the Malago Way and across Novers Hill (called by some the "Western Slopes") to Manor Woods and Dundry beyond.

The area is in fact two areas.

The first - Novers Common, the area including and either side of the steps. Its a registered Town Green with the City Council.

The second area is between the Knowle West Health Park, Kingsweir and Torpoint Roads, and Haldon Close to the east of the Steps.

The whole area is surrounded by the Knowle West Health Park at the top of the hill, Kingswear Road, Torpoint/Sidford Road, Haldon Close, Lynton Road and Novers Hill.

The top part of the area between the Knowle West Health Park including the informal path across the site known as "The Scar" is in private developers ownership, after a Public Inquiry in the 1990's rejected a proposal to build houses on this area. In a much publicised deal the Council negotiated with the developer (Lovell) to buy the site for £1, but the deal was never finalised! We are waiting to see what happens next.


Is part of the Novers site - and provides the critical link between the Novers and Glyn Vale areas for people and wildlife.

It is surrounded by Lurgan Road, the site of the flats that used to be at the western end of Kingswear Road, Glyn Vale, Timsbury Road, the ex Marksbury Road College, Torpoint Road, Lynton Road and Haldon Close.

Both the Novers and Kingswear are popular for dog walking, admiring the horses, taking in the stunning views across Bristol, urban running, for keeping fit by walking up and down the steps; and for getting to and from Bedminster and Knowle West - or east to west from Novers Hill to Glyn Vale.

This is the area which is seeing the most change with housing being built on parts of the site, while improvements are due to happened to the green space just below Kingswear Road.
SnowviewBommietoKingswearCopyrightLWFuture Aims

Keep the areas "the way we've always known it" so that the extent and character of the areas - as part of the Slopes are kept. To "seal the deal" on the developers land and get it back for the community to use. We also want to promote the use of the natural paths across the site, including The Scar and to thin out some of the vegetation already on site - and of course to enhance the whole site for people and wildlife.

Whether we are able to do this now depends on the outcomes of Kingswear Development Click here - and the Knowle West Regeneration Framework Click here.


The land and surrounding area was part of the Smythe Estate. With the disposal of land for death duties Novers Common was donated to the people of Bristol, and the surrounding land sold to the then Bristol Corporation. Lady Smythe's mansion and remaining part of the Estate at Ashton Court, can be seen clearly from the Novers.

Even further back in history the area was part of the king's wood and was hunted upon by royals and nobility. At one point in the early 20th Century part of the area was part of a rifle range, located at the foot of the hill.

During the second world war parts of the areas were turned into allotments, although these were not as extensive as on other parts of the Slopes.

In the 1980's flats were built across the Kingswer part of the site - at Kingswear and Torpoint Roads. There were once allotments between Lynton Road and the current Torpoint Flats.

The Kingswear Flats, owned by Bristol City Council, were demolished in 2011; while the Torpoint flats under the ownership of Knightstone Housing Association were demolished in 2013. For further details of what is going on in this area, including what is happening to the Kingswear area click here

Vistas across Bristol

The views from both Kingswear and Novers are brilliant.

The areas can be accessed from various points - Lurgan Walk, Kingswear Road, Timsbury Road, Haldon Close, Lynton Road, Parson Street, Novers Park Road, Novers Hill, Torpoint Road, the Malago Greenway and the Health Park.

From the area you can see - Highridge, Hartcliffe, Dundry, Bedminster Down, Clifton (Suspension Bridge and Observatory), Brandon Hill, Ashton Court, Long Ashton, Ashton, Bedminster, Windmill Hill, Purdown, Totterdown and Knowle • this means that the Novers and Kingswear can be seen from these points as well.

Views of the locals
This is the only place I have ever been near horses - Terry
The hill is my sanity factor to living in the city - Julia

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