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January 2020


Council announced plans for housing on Northern Slopes green space and ex-Torpoint Flats uphill of Kingswear Road in December 2019.

The plans are on view at The consultation period closed on the 6th January 2020.

The Northern Slopes Initiative sent in a letter based on people's comments at our meeting of 12th December. Points raised included the proximity of the new housing to existing housing on Glyn Vale, the effects on the existing footpath from Lurgan Walk - the new path is down the middle of the site - which is not the quickest way down to Bedminster - Marksbury Road school and GP Surgery. We also asked for a statement about the effects of construction on local people and wildlife, and where the construction sites, haul routes etc are going to be. Other questions were about the type of housing tenure, the type of playground at the top of the hill; and what happens to the entrance from Lurgan Walk. Finally we ask for the mitigation which should have been put in for the Sidford and Oakhill Housing downhill of Kingswear Road to be put in - and confirmation that resources will be set aside so that any mitigation areas/playgrounds etc will be maintained - unlike what happen to the green space downhill of Kingswear Road.

We are hoping that there will be another chance for the public to get involved before the Planning Application goes in at a meeting, but this time closer to the local area.

Asbestos Works underway on Housing site - West of Haldon Close

The Council have informed us that there is asbestos in the old prefab buildings which are being cleared from the area, to provide new housing.

Removal of the asbestos is underway.

Please do not enter the site while these works are underway. Fencing has been put up to stop people entering.

There is no update on when the consultation on the housing proposals will start.

Filwood Quietway/Filwood Greenway - Glyn Vale site/Wedmore Vale/St John's Lane sections:

The whole route in our area is now open for people to use.

The works are now complete except for work on tree planting due now in February 2020.

Kingswear/Torpoint/Sidford/Haldon Close development - From the City Council:

1) Housing uphill of Kingswear Road
The City Council is now taking forward this site as part of the Council's council housing programme.
The previous planning permission granted in 2013 ran out of time in 2018,

2) Housing to the west of Haldon Close
Having removed vegetation in 2018 to do surveys. We are now waiting to hear about the proposals for this area. Like the area above, the previous Planning Application back in 2013 has run out of time.

If you want to get involved in the work we are doing - or want to know more about the history of the developments - contact us on

1) Barratts Homes continue to pause their consultation process with the local community on proposals to provide up to 120 new homes on the Western Novers (between Novers Hill and Hartcliffe Way). We await further information. The Western Slopes are the only green space link between the Slopes and green spaces the other side of Hartcliffe Way.

2) Knowle West Regeneration Framework

Between 2008 and 2012 the City Council developed the Framework which is driving the regeneration of Knowle West, including changes to the Slopes. The Framework runs until 2030.

The current Framework is in part based on the Option 2 developed by the then Knowle West Residents Planning Group. Knowle West Future is the successor to the Residents Planning Group.

For further information on the Regeneration go to:

For further information on Knowle West Future go to; or follow on Twitter @KWestfuture; or email -

Alternatively, if you want to get involved in this work, or find out more about the history of the Framework please contact us on