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This page gives you updates about what is going on the Slopes. It is usually updated at least once a month.

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November 2017


1) Consultation on future of Parks and Green Spaces in Bristol - launched on 6th Nov - Reply by 29th January.

The proposals are about changing the way green spaces like the Slopes are maintained, looked after (eg: A Trust - instead of the City Council) and making more money from areas like the Slopes and other parks.

This link -
takes you to an online survey.

There is a consultation event at Knowle West Media Centre - Leinster Avenue - Tuesday 5th December 1pm to 7pm.

Thankfully, the Council at its meeting on 14th November dropped the idea of having no money at all for the maintenance of Bristol Parks and Green Spaces by 1st April 2019. It seems that about £1.6million will be available.

If you want the NSI to say something on your behalf - please contact us on

2) Filwood Quietway - Cycleway going ahead.....

Development control Committee B decided on the 8th November that the Cycleway across Glyn Vale should go ahead. We are now waiting for notice of when construction is going to start. It has to start before March 2018. Originally timed for December - it is likely to be a bit later than that.

During the construction period - the path and surrounding area is going to be closed - and the alternative route will have to be down Wedmore Vale itself.

If you want to have a look at what the design is and what was said - go to the Bristol City Council Planning Applications webpage:
and search on GLYN VALE or use the Reference 17/03959/FB
On there you can see the documents and photos etc; and people’s comments. The Design and Access statement is the best to start with.

For the background to this see the BCC website -

For other parts of the Quietway see below

3) Construction of new homes on ex-Marksbury Road College site - started in April 2017
Galliford Try have confirmed that they are working for Linden Homs/Homes and Community Agency on building the new homes on the site.
Construction is likely to take until Autumn 2018.

Contact Paul Caseley if you have queries
01454 203791

4) Update on footpaths and green space between Kingswear Road and Lynton Road/Timsbury Road.

Paths (all with steps) between Kingswear Road to Sidford Road; and between Kingswear Road and Lynton Road are now open. Finishing touches have been completed.

There is a picnic area with seats and tables on the green space; and the wildflower seeds planted by the City Council bloomed well this year. There were "Natural Play" features next to the Picnic area which were vandalised and have been removed - we are awaiting replacements.

The new footpath - cyclepath between Kingswear Road and Timsbury Road is now complete, but don't forget it is blocked at the Timsbury end by the Homes and Communities Agency while they build new homes on the Ex- College site.

Filwood Quietway proposals - routes across Victoria Park and St John's Lane

1) Victoria Park Section:

The Route across Victoria Park was granted planning permission on the 8th November. Go to
to find out more and see what people said.

For the background to this go to:

2) Wedmore Vale/St John's Lane section:
The Council also consulted on proposals on the Quietway along Wedmore Vale (from Wingfield Road) to St John's Lane (Almorah Road).

Details are here -

The Consultation closed on 20th February. We understand that this part of the proposals will be taken forward under Traffic Regulation Orders. No details yet of when this will be done.

3) Junction of Wedmore Vale/Wingfield Road with Glyn Vale.
The Council consulted at the end of June 2017 on installing a zebra crossing across Wedmore Vale next to the entrance to the Slopes; and changing the entrance to Wingfield Road. The Consultation is now closed.

We are presuming that this part of the proposals will be taken forward under Traffic Regulation Orders. No details yet of when this will be done.

Kingswear/Torpoint/Sidford/Haldon Close development - From the City Council:

1) Housing uphill of Kingswear Road and Haldon Close.
The City Council has allowed Aster Group - - to take forward housing on this space. As the previous Planning Application back in 2013 has run out of time. The original designs are no longer relevant.
The work does not seem to cover the area west of Haldon Close.

If you want to get involved in the work we are doing with the developers in this area - or want to know more about the history of this development - contact us on
Ex Marksbury Road College/Oasis Marksbury Road Academy - From the Homes and Community Agency (HCA) and City Council -

1) Roads into the site
Work has also finished on building new roads next to the School. Roads into the GP Surgery and new homes area are being completed.

2) Homes and the engineering block behind the new primary School:

A planning application for 74 new homes, roads and the conversion of the existing "engineering" block was put in at the end of May 2016.

The designs in 2015 did not put a set of steps and path up from the site through the historic hedgerow and the small patch of woodland/scrub on the Slopes just above the Marksbury Road College Site which was an idea in the 2012 designs.

However, in February 2017 someone decided to reinstate the steps, and at the last minute we put an objection to this change in due to the risk of fly tipping and security concerns. The Council approved the application with the steps in, anyway.

Construction started in April 2017 and be completed in the Autumn 2018.

To look at the application go to:

or go to

and type in Marksbury Road or 16/02933/M into the search box.

The Design and Access statement (which is in two parts) is the best document for getting an overview.

4) From mid May 2015 until further notice the Homes and Community Agency has shut the path between Timsbury Road into the Kingswear Green Space and Kingswear Road , this is to allow the building of new homes on the ex-Marksbury Road College site; and a foot/cycle path on a better alignment will be provided.

If you want to use an alternative route to go uphill we would suggest either going up Timsbury Road, right into Glyn Vale - and then right into Kingswear Road. Or if going downhill turn right into Glyn Vale, go downhill, then turn left into Timsbury Road, and left to go along Marksbury Road. Or use the new steps from Kingswear Road down to Sidford Road and Lynton Road.

New doctors Surgery and Pharmacy on Ex Marksbury Road College site - St John's Lane Health Clinic

One of the practices who run St John's Lane Surgery on Wedmore Vale is moving to the College site.

Construction is now underway - and should be finished in the Summer of 2018.

Planning Permission was granted in August 2015.

To have a look at the plans go to:

And type in - 15/03004/M - in the bottom box - where it asks for a reference number.

The document called the Planning Statement is easiest to read.

If you want to get involved in our work on this development - or find out more about the history of the development. Please contact us on

1) Barratts Homes continue to pause their consultation process with the local community on proposals to provide up to 120 new homes on the Western Novers (between Novers Hill and Hartcliffe Way). We await further information. The Western Slopes are the only green space link between the Slopes and green spaces the other side of Hartcliffe Way.

2) Knowle West Regeneration Framework

Between 2008 and 2012 the City Council developed the Framework which is driving the regeneration of Knowle West, including changes to the Slopes.

The current Framework is in part based on the Option 2 developed by the Planning Group.

For further information on the Regeneration go to:

For further information on Knowle West Future go to; or follow on Twitter @KWestfuture . Alternatively, email -

Alternatively, if you want to get involved in this work, or find out more about the history of the Framework please contact us on