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Northern Slopes Initiative
CopyrightWho are the Northern Slopes Initiative?

The Northern Slopes Initiative is a group of volunteers seeking to maintain, conserve and enhance the Northern Slopes - known simply as the Slopes.

We are sometimes called the The Guardians of the Slopes! because that is exactly what we do.

Originally set up to protect the areas from housing development, the Group has since 2001 encouraged others to join with them to look after and enhance the areas for the benefit of the people that use the Slopes, the wildlife that live there - while maintaining its unique character.
nsipicnickingswear copyrightMLWe have been:
  • Raising awareness of the value of the sites;
  • Finding out what people think of the Slopes and their future
  • Encouraging more people to use the Slopes
  • Working with others to deliver improvements to the Slopes
  • Raising funds to support our work.
  • Standing up for the Slopes and the people and wildlife that use them when faced with development proposals
  • Making sure that promises to improve the Slopes using monies from development on the Slopes - are actually delivered.

Examples of the improvements we have been involved in include - the Doorstep Green/Amphitheatre on Glyn Vale; installing Northern Slopes gates and noticeboards; providing metal teasels and log seats - and events for people to enjoy (eg: walks, Wildfest and hands on work opportunities).

Between 2012 and 2015 we were involved with Wildfest, a free event in October on our Glyn Vale site which showcased a wide range of entertainment; and hands on activities.

Activities included - Live Rock and Roll from Lewis Clayton and the Cyclones; Street Dance Class; Wild Bird Displays; Delicious Fresh Local Cooked Food from Bramble Farm and the Knowle West Health Association; Circus Skills Class; music from a Pipe Band; parkour displays and a chance to try it out; Makala Cheung,; Bristol Ambling Band; Kuki Ukies; Smoke Stack Shakers, and the Phresh Boiiz and much, much more.

In 2012 the event attracted over 300 people, by 2015 over 850 people were attending.

We would love Wildfest to happen again, but would need support to get it up and running.

We also get involved in major planning applications and planning issues which affect the Slopes - over the years we have lost areas of the Slopes to housing. We engage with developers, planners and designers to try and get the best result for the Slopes. We have even produced our own designs for change - which sometimes have influenced developers.

Since 2009 we have tried with others to influence the City Council and other developers involved in - The Kingswear/Torpoint and Haldon Close (bottom of Novers) Development; the Ex Marksbury Road College Development; Filwood Quietway/Greenway; and The Knowle West Regeneration Framework. For latest news on these go to our News page clickhere

In 2015 and 2016 the Northern Slopes won two In Your Neighbourhood awards - firstly on their own, assessed as "thriving"; and as a part of a bigger group of green spaces, schools and allotment groups we received a "silver gilt" in 2015 and then a "gold gilt" in 2016. In 2017 and 2018 we were assessed as "outstanding" - the top grade we can get. In the same years as part of the Knowle Community Space we were all awarded a "gold" pennant. In 2019 we were awarded "thriving".

In 2015 the Bommie and Glyn Vale were granted Local Nature Reserve status.

October 2019 saw us published our Vision and Plan for the Slopes in 2030 after public consultation. Our Plan can be seen on the Plan in the left column.
Being a group of volunteers we depend on the help and support of individuals, especially those who use the Slopes. Increasingly business, schools and community groups are using the Slopes for their activities.

We hold one formal meeting a year - our AGM in January. But if you have something you want to talk to us about please contact us on We hold meetings at other times as the need arises. These will be advertised on our Events webpage

We also have two social events - a Christmas Party and a summer picnic.

We are always interested to hear new ideas.

For further news of what is going on, news and events - look at our news click here and events page click here

Or visit to our Facebook Group page:

Can you help us?

If you would like to join us to help the Slopes we would welcome new members, offers of help or donations, our contact details are on the Contact page click here