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CopyrightGlyn Vale/Kenmare
viewdoorstepgreennorthCopyrightLWGlyn Vale/Kenmare is the central section of the Northern Slopes, which is enclosed by Wedmore Vale, Kenmare Road, Donegal Road, Cavan Walk, and Glyn Vale.

There are two parts to the site - the Doorstep Green (between Kenmare Road and Cavan Walk) - and the rest.

The Doorstep Green

Created between 2003 and 2007 this was a project sponsored by the Countryside Agency (now Natural England) and was part of a UK wide project to create and enhance village greens and open spaces. On this site there were:

  • Improvements to pathways
  • Creation of communal spaces - eg: the Amphitheatre - to help people enjoy the stunning views
  • Creation of a community orchard
  • Creation and enhancements to the existing wildflower grassland

To do this community consultation was carried out and artists were brought in to work with local people on ideas. The artists were Katrin Bohm and Kieran Brown. The design of the site was undertaken by Bristol City Council; and the works were carried out by Buried Treasure with CSV Environment. Community events were held including B-BQs, wildflower seeding, and wildflower planting.

At the same time as these works, the City Council installed a Northern Slopes gate at Cavan Walk and the NSI installed two metal teasels and two log benches.

Two plaques are on site as a permanent reminder of the project.

The site remains in community use - and is grazed by horses.

The other parts of the area

The rest of the area contains a wide range of types of landscape and wildlife - from woodland through to open grass areas; from tree enclosed pathways (which look brilliant when the trees blossom or the autumn leaves are showing their colours) to open areas with spectacular views across Central and Eastern Bristol.

People use the area in a number of ways, including taking a short cut from Knowle West to Bedminster; and motorbike riding which is illegal on City Council land.

The NSI have installed metal teasels and two log seats across the area and Northern Slope gates were installed by the City Council at Wedmore Vale and Kenmare Road East entrances.

In 2007 and 2019 surveys of the area confirmed the presence of a rare plant in Bristol - the yellow vetchling.

In 2007/8 the City Council restored the allotments at the eastern end of Kenmare Road - and laid down a hard surface path between Kenmare and Wedmore Vale; and Wedmore Vale and Cavan Walk.

Between 2018 and 2019 the City Council built the Filwood Greenway - Cycleway and Pathway through the eastern part of the site. This links central Bristol with Knowle West, Filwood and eventually over the Hengrove.

We have plans to do more...see our Plan via the tab on the left.