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CopyrightEvents on the Slopes and beyond

This page tells you about events on the Slopes themselves - plus events from around our local area. It is usually updated as soon as we hear of an event.
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Avon Wildlife Trust - creating new habitats for wildlife and improving paths

On Tuesday 18th February at 10am. Starting at the entrance next to St Barnabas Church, Daventry Rd

Avon Wildlife Trust are carrying out vegetation management on the Glyn Vale site to widen paths and create space for people to explore the site. This is one of a series of events which the Trust are doing for the City Council as part of the My Wild City initiative.

Sessions usually include using hand tools. You need to wear sensible footwear and clothing.
As the session runs from 10am to 3pm - please bring your own lunch.

For further details - contact Rosie - on

Weds 19th February 10am to 2pm Family Fun Day and Tree Planting - at Kingswear Road

A free event organised by Avon Wildlife Trust, Bristol City Council/One Tree per Child and the NSI.

Will include child friendly nature based activities - plus we are planting 10 cherry trees on the site.
Tree planting will continue afterwards on Novers Steps - where we are cutting back vegetation to allow us to plant fruit and berry bushes.

Thurs 27th February - 2pm to 8pm. Back to Nature Event - at the Knowle West Media Centre .
Event exploring how we can re-nature our cities. Includes a meal at 5pm. Book here - for part or all of the event:

Sat 29th February - 11.30am to 1pm. Not Green
It is a walk experience led by an artist and creative ecologist. Includes a 40 minute walk plus hot soup and sandwiches in a surprise location. More at or ring 0117 9030444

NSI meeting - Thursday 27th February - 7pm at The Park.

You are welcome to come to a meeting where we will be - sorting out our priorities for 2020 and confirming events throughout 2020. If you have a good idea please come along and share it with us, or let us know in advance.

We will be also electing a new Chair/Chairs.

My Wild Child - has started up again - see information below for details

1 - Every Thursday there is a Green Gym which helps you become physically and mentally healthier; and gives you a chance to learn new skills, by taking part in nature conservation activities on the Slopes. All are welcome to come along....please meet up at the entrance gate to the Bommie next to 105 Wedmore Vale.

Its between 10.00am and 12.30pm. The Gym starts with a warm up, then works on tasks such as vegetation clearance, improving paths, making things out of fallen trees etc - and there's chance to meet people. Tea, coffee and biscuits provided at the end. Further details from Julia on or ring 07932368172. Sessions are free. Please come prepared with suitable shoes and clothes for the weather.

2 - My Wild Child - for toddlers between 2 and 4.
Meets Weds in term time between 10 and 11.30 during term time on the Bommie next to 105 Wedmore Vale.
No booking required and its free.

The nature based activities run by Avon Wildlife Trust are aimed at toddlers aged 2-4 years but younger siblings are welcome. Please make sure that you are dressed for the weather and supervise your children at all times.

For further information see


Living in a really lively city like Bristol - and in an area where there is a lot going on - it is almost impossible to describe what you can do.

Visit our Links page clickhere and visit the websites/Facebook pages there; or ask the contacts listed about what is going on.

If we have any recommendations we would suggest - depending on what you like doing -
The Park, Daventry Road - just by the Bommie and St Barnabas Church
Knowle West Media Centre
Filwood Community Centre
Linkage - if you are over 55
Windmill Hill City Farm
Knowle West Health Park
Bramble Farm - literally on the Bommie
Springfield, Wedmore Vale and Redcatch East Allotments - next to the Bommie and Glyn Vale site; and
any of the Parks and Green Spaces listed.....

LinkAge walks for the over 55s
LinkAge, Wild City, Knowle West Media Centre, Walking for Health, The Park and ourselves - supported by other local organisations - are running walks for the over 55s on most Mondays.....

The group uses local areas for walks - including the Slopes - but also travels to other locations in Bristol and around. Special walks are arranged including Photography Walks where you can get to know your camera better while enjoying easy and effective exercise.

A lot of walks start from The Park, Daventry Road - (opposite St Barnabas Church) at 10am. (new walkers need to be there at 9.50am) Returning to the Park for coffee or lunch. But those that are not immediately local to our area can involve travelling by bus to a meeting point.

Contact: Cheryl Martin - on 0753 056 4332 - or
Walks are Free - but some walks outside of our area may need bus fares and refreshments.

Walks for life
There are three walking groups organised by Knowle West Health Park, Downton Road which use local areas:
One heart walks - are for people who are recovering from illness. Starts outside the Café on Mondays at 11am.
Two heart walks - for people able to cover 1 to 2 miles - Thursday
Three heart walks - for people able to cover 2 to 3 miles - Tuesdays
Contact Laura Hathway - 0117 377 2257 for further details.
wildfestgraffiti Copyright LWMEETINGS

We only hold one formal meeting a year to which all are welcome, which is our AGM the next one will be held on 27 February 2020 at 7pm at the Park, Daventry Road, BS4 1DQ.

The AGM is where we hear about what has happened in the previous year - elect people to be Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and to be on the Committee/Core Group of the NSI - and set priorities for the new year.

If you want us to talk about something - and possibly have a meeting (in addition to the AGM) about it please contact us.

If we call a meeting it will be advertised here - and in our Newsletter.

Our Newsletter (which is free to anyone who wants to received it) is quick and easy way to pick up what is going on, on the Slopes.

If you want to know more about any of the above, receive the newsletter, or correspondence relating to what we do, or help us - please email us on:

and finally.....
Its true to say that we could not carry on without the help from:
...the City Council who look after the Slopes
....The Park, Daventry Road
...voluntary organisations and volunteers,
….The Knowledge and South Bristol Voice newspapers
...individuals who spend their time looking after the Slopes, talking to us, organising, campaigning and the
...users of the Slopes.
A big thank you for your help and support!