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CopyrightWelcome to the Nature Diary
What's a Nature Diary

Its a way learning about what wildlife and other things are on Slopes...whether you are just visiting yourself, or visiting as part of a group or school.

Its a booklet - but involves you in a number of activities which you then record in the booklet.

The booklet is full of interesting information about the history and people involved in the area, as well as wildlife - so we think its well worth a look.

There's seven parts:

1 - Introduction to the Slopes
2 - Maps
3 - Spring
4 - Summer
5 - Autumn
6 - Winter
7 - Further information

The seasonal sections - Spring, Summer and Autumn and Winter - are designed to be used during those periods - so that you can see what is about during those seasons.
Introduction to the Slopes

In this section you will find out about the Slopes, their history and us!

Introduction (2818k)

In this section you will find maps of the whole of the Slopes - and more detailed maps of the Bommie and Glyn Vale.

Maps (5616k)

The first of the seasons......

Spring (4148k)

Information here about what you can find and things you can do during the summer

Summer (4670k)

Not surprisingly this section is about colours, leaves and cooking....

Autumn (5045k)

The last seasonal part of the diary - if you have used all four sections of the diary and completed all the activities - well done.

Winter (6459k)
Further information.....

This section gives sources of further information - and how you can get to the Slopes.

and of course thanks to those organisations who have helped pay for or got involved in the diary, including
Bristol City Council, Big Lottery Fund, Natural England and Avon Wildlife Trust.

Further information (2818k)