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If you wish to make comments about problems such overgrown paths, litter, fly tipping, fires, vandalism and anti-social behaviour on the Slopes, or even better say something nice about the Slopes...
please contact Bristol City Council's parks department who own much of the Slopes using one of the following:

If the issue relates to grounds maintenance, such as overgrown grass, bins, hedges or shrubs please use the Council's web form

To report an issue with a tree - use

To report byelaws being broken - eg: motorbike/quad bikes on Council land - use

To suggest ideas/improvements to parks such as improved signage or relocating bins etc - use

Please provide as much information and specific detail as possible to the Council about the location of what you are talking about. Some of the websites allow photographs to be downloaded to them. The Council will only contact you if they require further information. The Council says that if the issue is a weather dependant job or it is already on our planned schedule of works it may be carried out at a later date.

They can also be contacted on 0117 9222100, then chose option 4.